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FAQ about Membership

Post  NaMairbh on Sun Aug 10, 2008 7:18 am

FAQ about Membership

Q. When will you be accepting new members?

A. Na Mairbh Paranormal hope to have a final member join by the end of November 2008.

Q. How do I apply to join Na Mairbh?

A. Answer the questions in the membership section and email them to namairbh@gmail.com
Membership questions link http://namairbh.darkbb.com/recruitment-f16/recruitment-t15.htm

Q. What approach dose Na Maribh take on an investigation?

A. Na Mairbh take a spiritual approach on an investigation.

Q. How much do you pay?

A. There is no wage. Members of Na Mairbh are here to explore there own interests in the world of the paranormal on there own initiative.

Q. What experience do I need to join?

A. None. Experience is an advantage but not necessary, we are looking for people who are open minded and have an extreme interest and respect in the paranormal.

Q. Where are Na Mairbh Paranormal based?

A. Na Mairbh Paranormal are based in County Offaly, Ireland.

Q. Do I need to live in the Offaly area to apply to join the group?

A. Not at all. As long as you can make it to the locations a few hours before an investigation begins we don't mind where you are from.

Q. Do I need to provide equipment for the group.

A. No, each member provides there own equipment, there is no set rules to have equipment, however we do recommend a torch for when walking in the dark Smile

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